Triple dome home $1.3 million
Feb 1, 2023
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Abstract: Dome homes occasionally come on the market.

A 6,427 square foot triple dome home with three geodesic domes in Bulverde, Texas, is listed for $1.3 million.


The seller spent several years building the dome property after moving from another dome home in California.


The Texas house has two levels with a central dome measuring 40 feet in diameter. It is flanked by two domes, each 30 feet in diameter, which are connected to the main dome by a hallway.


"When you're in a room with domes, they actually echo because the sound bounces off the walls," says Jennifer Romance-Deal, listing agent for Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper Real Estate." So if you're in one part of the room, you can whisper something and you'll be able to hear it on the [other] side.


One of the smaller domes has a large master suite and the other smaller dome has a second suite which includes a full kitchen and living area with a separate entrance.


The larger central dome has a kitchen and living room.


In addition, "they have a living area and a wet bar area downstairs, which is huge," says Romans-Dale.


A lift and revolving staircase run between the floors, and the entrance features a stunning 20-foot-high water feature.


"The waterfall comes from the first floor and runs down to the bottom, and on the other side of the waterfall is actually where the fireplace is located," Romance-Deal explains.


Patterned wood adorns many of the home's surfaces. In fact, she says, it took two truckloads of timber to build the house.

Each building has a two-car garage, and one has a large space that is currently set up as a craft room.


The two rooms downstairs could be used as additional bedrooms. There are three full bathrooms and four half bathrooms, some of which have enough space to be full bathrooms.


The home sits on 5 acres of flat land with lots of trees and a separate guesthouse.


"Being upstairs in the living room and kitchen is like living in a tree house - because you're in the trees," Romance-Deal said of the height of the house.

She explained that the homeowner sold the house to build a smaller (dormer-less) house on the lot next door.


"He just likes to build houses and he's good at it," she said.


As for the type of buyer this triple-domed home might attract, Romance-Deal admits it would have to be a lover of unique architecture.


"Obviously," she says, "it would be someone who is looking for something different and likes dome type homes." It's an opportunity to live in something that no one else has. People do like that."