Charleston Coastal Victorian Mansions
Sep 12, 2023
Charleston Coastal Victorian Mansions Austin
By   Larissa Runkle
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Abstract: The waterfront mansion at 13 and 15 East Battery Street in Charleston, South Carolina, went on the market last month for the first time in 60 years with a list price of $13.9 million.

The three-story home spans more than 14,000 square feet and is considered one of the grandest residences in the High Battery neighbourhood. The front row of this stately home offers unparalleled views of Charleston Harbour.

The 15-bedroom Victorian was originally built in 1845 by the Ravenel family, a prominent South Carolina family. Since then, there have been only two owners.

Charleston Coastal Victorian Mansions

The Ravenels continued to live there until the 1930s. Recent descendants include Arthur Ravenel, Jr. who served four terms in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1987 to 1995.

The half-acre estate retains much of the charm of the era - many original outbuildings and fully restored interiors, including expansive fireplaces and soaring ceilings.

Charleston Coastal Victorian Mansions

The current homeowners have undertaken extensive renovations over the past eight years, using historically accurate materials wherever possible.

They installed a new shutter system and roof, and updated the bathrooms, kitchen, and HVAC system.

Charleston Coastal Victorian Mansions

The house is now meticulously preserved and boasts a spacious floor plan that includes a second-floor living room with 12- to 14-foot ceilings that may be "the largest in the city." This room is equal to the width of the house, has fireplaces on both ends, and has "great views."

In addition to the grandeur of the exterior of this antebellum mansion, its location is one of Charleston's most prized.

The mansion sits on the fortified seawall promenade known as The Battery, a popular tourist destination within walking distance of some of the city's attractions, including White Point Garden public park.

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